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We provide trained personnel and a good security plan which is designed to integrate into the management of the estate and ensuring maximum protection of lives and properties.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Registered Cleaning & Maintenance Companies that have relevant equipments and expertise in cleaning are employed. A daily routine of cleaning and inspecting the environment is implemented and supervised by the management.

24/7 Customer Services

Relationship with our clients is Key. As a result, Sandworth Properties Limited has incorporated strategies, practices and technologies to manage and resolve challenges faced by our clients. Also to enhance interaction and feedback and in turn increase our efficiency and customer services.


Property Development

Property development is a distinct and separate field from property management. Developing a property needs a whole separate set of administrative and management skills involving labour, material and project management. It requires developing building plans, getting them approved from the concerned authorities, and then hiring and managing different work teams to get the project under way. It involves everything till the final completion of project and handover to the owners from the building contractors. With all hands on deck, Sandworth Properties Ltd sees that the ideas of all areas of specialization are maximized in other to output a standard project within the frame of the budget.

Integrated Facilities Management

As facilities managers, we know the asset is just the beginning. Our clients’ facilities are ultimately about the people and businesses within them. We embed ourselves in our clients’ organization and ensure our service is integrated and aligned with their short and long-term strategic objectives.
All of our clients have specific needs dependent upon their business cycle – we can take account of these when designing and delivering an integrated solution. We can either act as a managing agent, taking on the ‘intelligent client’ role and manage the supply chain for you – or we can act as principal contractor, where we take on the cost and contract risk and you get to benefit from fixed price peace of mind.

Development Consultancy

With the experience in property development, Sandworth is now active in development consultancy. We have hired some of the best professionals in this area and are offering our services to aspiring clients on a short term, long term or makeshift basis, as the situation merits and according to the wishes of the client or partner.

Facilities Managed
Satisfied Clients

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