Purchase/Lease Form

Please complete in UPPERCASE and UPLOAD a recent passport photograph of yourself for our records

    A non-refundable application fee of N10,000 (Ten thousand naira only) should be paid into the Account with details:

    Account Number: 2179083189

    -The submission and acceptance of application form shall not be constructed as a guarantee for allocation of the house
    applied for or any alternative house.
    -Successful applicants shall be contacted through their contact address supplied on the application form.
    -All payments should be paid into our account and tellers must be forwarded to our Email (info@sandworthproperties.ng)
    for issuance of receipt.
    -Allotees shall be responsible for the payment of all fees and charges associated with the documentation
    of the transfer of the title and possession of property(s), such as charges for services and infrastructure provision.
    -Allotees shall be bound by the terms and conditions for the sales of housing units as may be contained in the final deed
    of transfer.
    -The project managers reserve the right to reject any application or withdraw any allocation which does not meet the
    conditions stipulated above or contains material misrepresentation of facts calculated to mislead the company.
    -The liability of the project managers with respect to any allocation withdrawn shall be limited to the refund of the deposit
    paid by the Allotee.

    For the avoidance of doubts, the project managers shall not be liable for the payment of interest on the deposit’s paid, loss
    of earnings or any other loss suffered by Allotee arising directly or remotely from the rejection of their application or withdrawal
    of allocation by the project manager.

    I/We confirm that all information supplied is true and will be the basis of any contract between Sandworth Properties Limited
    and myself.
    I acknowledge and agree to Sandworth Properties Limited consulting with reference as part of the application process.
    I/We hereby accept the condition stipulated herein and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the sale of property(s)
    as may be contained in the final allocation letter.